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About Our Dogs

Highview Spanish Water Dogs

What does it mean when a breeder says that their dogs are "selectively bred"? Does it only mean they "select" a sire and a dam in order to have puppies, or is there more to it than that? We are striving to improve upon the genetics of our dogs, the character, structure, and health. All the while preserving the function and form of the dog so that it remains as intended by the country (Spain) of origin.

With each generation, we have been able to improve upon the parents and continue to move forward in our goal by bringing in new bloodlines to strengthen this process. When we chose to do a breeding, we look at the structure and character, the hip scores, the genetic test results and very importantly the pedigree's bloodlines (inbreeding %) of the dogs to be mated. Will that mating improve upon our dogs and strengthen the bloodlines in the next generation? Will it produced dogs better than or equal to the parents in ability and health?

Our dogs are bred based on those guidelines as we analyze the temperament, conformation, intelligence, agility, and versatility of each dog we breed. We test the parents for all known health issue to the best of our ability.

Puppies from our breeding program are in homes where their unique abilities and talents have shone, as not only loyal companions, but also working with their owners in the conformation ring, participating in agility or obedience trials, training for therapy work, or being utilized as field dogs hunting small game and doing water retrieval. Through our screening process with potential owners, every effort is made to ensure the best fit between our puppy and you.

We register our dogs with the AKC.

Retired Dogs

From time to time, there may be older dogs available. If you are interested in an older dog please call for more information.