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Highview Spanish Water Dogs Puppies

Litter Reservations

Reservations on Highview Spanish Water Dogs puppies are accepted from approved homes. From time to time we do have puppies available or upcoming breedings planned. Please contact us for further information. Once we have a litter, puppy updates can be found on our Facebook page.

You and Your New Puppy

Congratulations! Puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks of age. Basic socialization has already begun, first vet visit has taken place, the first round of vaccinations, and worming medication have been administered.

All shot and worming records, ready to provide to your vet, along with your pup's registration papers, will be in your puppy package. We register our puppies with the AKC. In addition, you will receive your three generation pedigree, copies of the health test results on the sire and the dam, and copies of their awards.

Now the real work begins. Your puppy will be bonding with you, turning to you for protection, and learning from you all he needs to know. It will be your job to introduce your pup to the bigger world and teach him his manners. You are your pup's link to becoming a well adjusted dog. Understanding the developmental stages of your puppy will help you better understand his behavior and what you can expect.

Learn the proper way to handle your pup and the best way to accomplish this is by attending Kindergarten Puppy Training Classes. Much more than just obedience work, you will learn how to deal with unwanted behaviors (and prevent them from starting), have an opportunity to socialize with other people and dogs, and get your pup used to being handled by others (especially important for vet visits and going to the groomer).

Contact your local kennel club or humane society. They are good resources for classes in your area. Getting off on the right foot will make all the difference in the world! Keep in mind that this is a highly intelligent breed and is sensitive to changes in its environment. They imprint and retain easily, meaning you need to be sure new experiences are done in a controlled manner with a positive outcome. Negative imprinting at a young age is difficult to reverse and can lead to lifelong behavior problems.

Suggested Reading

Highview Spanish Water Dogs highly recommends these books:
The Art of Raising a Puppy  and How to be Your Dog's Best Friend by the Monks of New Skete
PUPPY PRIMER, 2ND EDITION, by Brenda Scidmore & Patricia McConnell
WAY TO GO! - HOW TO HOUSE TRAIN A DOG OF ANY AGE, by Patricia McConnell and Karen London

Additional  helpful training resources from the Dumb Friends League:
Nothing in Life is Free , Positive Reinforcement 

Our Policies


All our puppies are placed on a purchase agreement contract. We warranty the health of the pup at the time Buyer takes ownership and provide copies of all the health tests on the Sire and Dam showing they are both free of hip dysplasia and cleared for breeding by the carrier tests for PRA and CHG. Full disclosure of our health warranties is further outlined in our contact.


As we have limited information and control regarding future behavior, habits and appearance of the Dog, we do not warrant such. Temperament is a product of environment and genetics. When possible, we will introduce you to the parent(s) of the puppy at the time of purchase to assure you the parent(s) have good temperaments.

Unfortunately, nice puppies have developed behavior problems resulting from how they were raised. It is the Buyer's responsibility to ensure proper training and socialization. The Buyer must be trained under the guidance of  a competent trainer on how to socialize and correct a puppy. Socialization does not end with the completion of Kindergarten Puppy Classes, like any skill, mastery is a product of constant practice. As your puppy grows and matures into an adult dog, these basics need to be reinforced and practiced. 

Should you find yourself  in the need of professional guidance, we would be happy to provide local referrals. Also, we are always available to answer questions and provide guidance. Our goal is for your puppy and you to have a rich and full life together.